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Natural Selection 2 World Championship to be Crowd-Funded

The budding e-Sports scene continues to evolve as new titles keep on entering the line-up for competitive multiplayer games that are played professionally.

The electronic sport in itself, has been growing really popular as of late, and its evolution doesn’t just come in the shape of new games and new gameplay possibilities.

Unknown Worlds, the indie studio behind the PC and Linux multiplayer FPS/RTS hybrid; Natural Selection 2, has endorsed a new fan proposed tournament to the game. The tournament will be crowd-funded; a first of its kind for the industry, and will begin later this year if the goal is reached.

Since Unknown Worlds doesn’t have the capital to fund a tournament that’s even remotely on a scale similar to what has become the norm for e-Sports tournaments, crowd-funding seems like the only way to fully realize what they have in mind.

Before, people have hosted tournaments for various games on their own, with groups of gamers contributing to make up the prize pool. The NS2 tournament, dubbed ‘World Championship’, intends to take that concept and apply it to an official tournament for the game.

This doesn’t mean the developer won’t be pooling in themselves. Unknown Worlds only seeks $30,000 from crowd-funding, and will cater to the rest of the expenses on their own.

The sum, as they’ve said on their championship website, is primarily for flight expenditure and accommodation of the 4 teams that will make it to the NS2 finals in Koln, Germany. Any amount left out of the crowd-funded $30,000 after all accommodations have been taken care of will be added to the tournament prize pool.

Unknown Worlds has left the management of the crowd-funding to the fans that proposed the tournament in the first place. Players WasabiOne, Reddog and Zefram will be handling the funds and will organize the travel for the finalists themselves.

The tournament; if the goals are met, will be livestreamed over You can watch the trailer for the championship over at YouTube.