Electrocutioner Confirmed Through Batman: Arkham Origins New Trailer

We had first heard of him a couple of decades ago, back in 1990 and then in 1992 but now the electrocutioner is back and this time he is one of the major assassins that will fight against the Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Apparently, a video leaked from the New York Comic Con has a few seconds of confrontation between Batman and Electrocutioner inside an arena where they stand weighing each other before the assassin shows off his special powers by making electricity run through the rails of the arena.

Initially the character has appeared in a comic from 1992 and a Nintendo Entertainment System game in 1990 as a mini boss. I am clearly surprised as to why he has not been given a greater chance at being the villain that he can; and trust me looking at the way he can make electricity flow, his special powers could have been something to watch.

Electrocutioner or Lester Buchinsky comes with an electric circuit bearing costume and a merciless killing spree bearing past – he is one of those vigilantes who ended up being what they hunted. Nevertheless, this time he is one of the eight assassins that come to Gotham City for the $50 million bounty that has been put on Batman’s head by Black Mask.

Voiced by Steve Blum, he will try to do everything possible in his mercilessly evil mind to make the sand box world of Batman hell. For starters check out what happens at Christmas Eve in the trailer above.

The video we have right now might not be up to the mark since no official video has been released yet. Nevertheless, let us know what you think.

October 25, nearly 10 days from now; PC, PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360 users better gear up for this.

Source: VG247