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Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Caveman’s Revenge

Developer Take10 Animation has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the funding of a new third person action adventure which comes to take you away from the modern warfare based games, all the gadgets and the super powered racing cars.

Caveman’s Revenge as the name suggests is an adventure game set in the prehistoric times. Yes, it will be dinosaurs against animal skin wearing, log wielding humans. The press release that announced the Kicstarter campaign introduced it saying:

“Caveman’s Revenge is set in prehistoric time and takes the player into a world of dinosaurs. Your goal is to survive and beat the final boss a t-rex.” A t-rex is a Tyrannosaurus, one of the largest dinosaurs that the world ever saw – what is the height of an average man again?

The graphics that have been shared with the description give it a comical look. Something that would be a lot more lively and colorful and maybe goofy than what we saw in Jurassic Park. I have been able to a goof faced human and two minions (albeit human faced).

The goal of the campaign is to get pledges for $20,000 though in the first day only 7 backers have pledged $290.

“You play as the caveman in search of your kidnapped wife. The locals have taken her captive in order to offer her to their main enemy, a T-Rex. You must save her before she becomes a t-rex’s meal” but what’s interesting is that while you’re at it, you fetch for food, fly in the sky as well as fight underwater.

Take10 has plans of developing a hack and slash based survival mode along with the aforementioned story mode and you will get to play as your worst enemy in the game; t-rex.

In case this interests you, here’s where they are pooling up the money – you will also get a a copy of the final game if you go ahead and back the project, the full list of rewards can be seen from Kickstarter too.

So what do you think?