Beyond: Two Souls Sex Scene – How To Unlock

Well, it wouldn’t count as an ‘Auteur’ game if they didn’t throw in a random sex scene would it? All the cool games are doing it these days. Yes, there is a sex scene in Beyond: Two Souls but before you get excited you should know that it never evolves past kissing and some touching before fading to black.

The scene occurs between Ryan and Jodie during the ‘Dinner’ chapter, but to get the scene you need to make something happen (or not happen) in the ‘Like Other Girls’ chapter.

If you messed it up on your first playthrough you’ll have to play it all over again. Also remember not to use Chapter select after the ‘Like Other Girls’ chapter.

In that chapter, when you proceed to the exit of the complex alongside an Aiden-controlled Cole, you’ll be stopped by a security guard who will question you two. Say nothing at all and eventually he’ll touch Cole, ending the possession and preventing Jodie’s almost-rape from ever occurring.

Next in the ‘Dinner’ chapter, make sure you don’t screw anything up as Aiden. This may be a little boring for you as it’ll be a whole lot of just Ryan and Jodie making conversation and not much stuff happening. At the end of the date Jodie will be given the option to kiss Ryan.

Do so and it should start up the scene.

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