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Beyond: Two Souls Save All and A Better World Trophy Guide

There are two platinum trophies in Beyond: Two Souls. They are the ‘Save All’ and ‘A Better World’ trophies and are obtained right at the end of the game. As such the nature of this guide is a spoileriffic one. You have been warned!

In Beyond you meet a large number of interesting characters. Some of these can live or die depending on your actions in the game. If you choose to save all of them, then you can unlock the Save All Trophy by deciding to live in the real world in the choice at the end.

If you let all of these characters die, then you can unlock the ‘A Better World’ trophy by choosing to be reunited with them in the Beyond at the choice at the end. Either way, let’s get into the characters that need saving/dying and how to go about doing so.

The first person you can save/kill is in the Homeless chapter. When you’re in the burning building you need to rescue your friends; Stan, Walter, Jimmy, Tuesday and Zoey. However, you can choose to skip saving Jimmy and Walter.

The second person that needs savin’/killin’ is Paul from the Navajo chapter. When you return to the ranch and find Paul lying injured on the ground Jay will pick him up and take him inside. Here you can talk to Shimasani and progress the chapter, but first go to Paul and have Aiden heal him (unless you want the ‘A Better World’ trophy).

Next up is Jodie’s birth mother, whom you encounter in a mental hospital with Cole. After the encounter, you can choose to have Aiden stop her heart or leave her be in her comatose state. Choose wisely.

Then we have Cole, who is injured and immobilized when you’re on the way to the condenser at the end. You can choose to heal him with Aiden or leave him be. Lastly, the person who can die is Ryan. When you’re making your way to the self-destruct panel for the Black Sun condenser, you’ll run into Nathan, who has completely lost his mind.

Nathan has a gun, and according to your dialog choices you he will either kill Ryan or himself. You also have the option of getting Aiden to choke him to death after the conversation in case you fail the dialog.

To get him to kill himself, you need to first try to Reason with him, then be Cold. To make him aggressive, select Blame, then Cold. One last thing, for the Save All trophy, you need to choose life as the last choice.

For A Better World, choose the beyond.