Beyond: Two Souls Endings Guide – How To Unlock Every Ending

You’ve probably finished off Beyond: Two Souls by now and are probably curious about the other endings, well we’ve decided to compile this here guide that will tell how to do just that. As is the nature of such guides, this will be very spoiler heavy. You have been warned!

There are a large number of endings and they all depend on the following factors:

  • Saving Norah, Ryan, Cole, Paul, Walter and Jimmy or letting them die.
  • Choosing to live the rest of your life in the Beyond or in the Real World.

The endings are total of four epilogues, the first is choosing to live in the Beyond. There are two variations on this epilogue. Firstly, if you save everyone, this ending will show you how the people you saved live out the rest of their lives. This also gives you the ‘Saved All’ trophy.

The second possible ending for this epilogue is if you let everyone die, then go join them in the Beyond. This will give you the ‘A Better World’ trophy.

The next Epilogue takes place in Alaska, where Jodie is living alone in a hut. This ending comes up when most of her people live.

I’m not sure who exactly needs to live, since I got Paul killed but still got it. Here you’ll be given the option to live out your life with Jay, Ryan, Zoey or alone. Each of these options gives you a different ending.

The third Epilogue takes place in a cemetery.

I believe most of Jodi’s close friends need to die to obtain this. You’re given the option to live out your life with Zoey, Jay or alone. For these last two epilogues you need to pick Life over the Beyond of course.

The last epilogue is a short and simple one that occurs when you fail the QTE sequence when shutting down the condenser, around the time when the ghost of General McGrath appears.

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