Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition Announced

A collector’s edition for Double Helix Games’ upcoming Killer Instinct brawler for the Xbox One was been announced earlier today by Microsoft. It’s called the Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition and comes at a price point of $59.99.

The set includes a premium case, one which also doubles as a Pinny Arcade pin display case, and two pins from a set of 16 collectible Killer Instinct Pinny Arcade pins. Additionally Microsoft has thrown in a Season Pass access that will give buyers access to the first eight DLC fighters and their accessories. The pass is also good for early access to all of the content from the first Season of DLC and the original Killer Instinct title.

For a standard price of $59.99 Microsoft has included a lot of digital content. Sadly there’s no physical bonuses included with the collector’s edition, which usually is a key aspect with such sets.

Earlier this week the game’s producer Torin Rettig shared that the Cloud will essentially help them keep the game consistently balanced without the need of releasing downloadable patches.

“Any of the normal fighting game balancing activities that we would need to do, we can basically figure out what we need to do, implement the change, and just release a change in the same day. It can be very, very fast,” Rettig said.

Killer Instinct will release on November 22, 2013 in North America exclusively for the Xbox One.