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Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green Named Next Most Powerful Woman in Tech

Fortune recently drafted a list of the most powerful women in the world. Soon afterwards, the magazine drafted another, short-listing 8 of the world’s most prolific and notable women in tech.

Head of the Xbox division at Microsoft, Julie Larson-Green was one of the eight women to make the coveted list titled “The Next Most Powerful Women in Tech”.

Julie Larson-Green taught herself how to program and has been with the software giant, Microsoft, for over two decades now. Green first started at the company as program manager and has since worked her way up the ladder to the Windows group and is now in charge of the company’s Devices & Studios Group, which primarily includes the Xbox franchise and the Surface tablet.

While at Windows, Green looked over the development of Windows 7 and its eventual release, which went on to become the most successful and widely used OS the company has launched since Windows XP.

Under her supervision, the division ended the fiscal year with a 5% increase in revenue over the previous one. Green was given the Xbox brand along with the rest of the Devices & Studios Group earlier this year after the departure of Don Mattrick.

Although none of the eight in this new list make it into Fortune’s ‘Most Powerful Women’ (MPW) rankings, the new list was specifically drafted for honorary mentions of these influential executives as future contenders.

Given Julie Larson-Green’s achievements thus far and her position as the Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Devices & Studios Group, she’s definitely deserving of it.

How much Green brings to the table as head of the Xbox division remains to be fully seen. In a relatively short span of time, Green has worked her way around the media backlash and consumer outrage that the first reveal of the Xbox One (during Don Mattrick’s leadership) had instigated.

The Xbox One has been making stronger showings at gaming events ever since she took charge. So far, Green’s been proving the misogynistic masses wrong. Let’s hope it stays that way.