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Riot Bringing Back 34 Limited Edition Skins to League of Legends

Riot seems to be bringing back some of the League of Legends vintage, Limited Edition skins which had gone into the vault.

Riot explains that this is done in response to the several e-mails they received from fans who asked for “the chance to own or gift their favorite skin,” which they had missed out on because of “travel, illness, deployment, etc., or because they hadn’t joined the LoL community yet.”

The decision also stems from the fact that the number of times these skins make their appearance in a game is extremely low. Of the skins sent to the vault, Bewitching Nidalee appears the most frequently in games – and even that only shows up “once every 971 games” in North America.

Ice Toboggan Corki is the least common of the Limited Edition skins and only appears once every 116,586 games (NA) which is quite an appalling number.

Riot realizes that the lack of exclusivity will be a cause for concern amongst those who bought these skins earlier. In order to compensate for it, all players who own any of the 34 skins being added to the store later this month will be awarded RP “equal to” what they paid for the skin(s).

Additionally, a new summoner icon and a ‘Vintage’ splash screen for the loading scene will be awarded to owners of said skins.

These skins will re-appear after October as well at later dates, along with other Limited Edition skins which haven’t been included in the first batch, Riot has confirmed. For the full list of skins to be re-introduced temporarily to the store, you can check out the announcement over at Riot’s website.