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Resident Evil 7 Outed through Designer’s Resume

Alright so some of you may be pissed beyond consolation after the weakened quality of preceding games in the Resident Evil franchise but that doesn’t mean none of us want to see another game in the series.

We think that folks at NeoGAF have stumbled upon something that is a clear indication of another attempt at the series by Capcom.

Costume designer Karen Brakenridge ‘s resume at LinkedIn shows a three month entry in her previous work experience’s column that reads “Costume Designer for the video game Resident Evil 7” for House of Moves. The duration of her work reads November 2012 to January 2013.

House of Moves is a Loos Angeles based motion capture studio that has games with the likes of Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops among others to their credit. She now owns and works at Superstylin in Hollywood, California.

That apart, we do know that Capcom has not announced any of their plans regarding Resident Evil 7, up until now, and in this case, this could be the leak that unveils the game. Of course, this could be a farce too, or maybe an indication that the project was started but got derailed – the last she worked on it was until January 2013.

According to CVG, Capcom didn’t want to comment on the topic: “As Capcom has made no official announcement regarding Resident Evil 7 we have no comment to make regarding this.”

Former marketing head of Capcom Michael Pattison had commented couple of months ago that “you’ll find where we go next will likely be more targeted at our core fanbase.” So we are assuming that it will go back to the game’s core and we can assume that it is underway.

What about you?