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PS4 will not Support USB and Bluetooth Headsets at Launch

Playstation 4 is about a month away now and despite of all those exciting features like ameliorated controller, built-in video recording and sharing, and Dual-Shock compatibility with PC; there are certain things which will tend to disappoint the fans.

According to Game Informer; most headsets let alone the Blue Tooth ones will NOT work with Playstation 4 at its launch.

While speaking to Astro Gaming about the audio on next-gen consoles; GameInformer has confirmed that gaming headsets are not expected to work with Playstation 4 out of the box.

Not only this but Sony’s official Pulse headsets will also not work with PS4 until an update is rolled out!

Sony has promised to roll out an update after the release which will clear all these issues.

As for the headsets which use a USB connection like Turtle Beach Headsets; they will work for audio but not for chatting.

However; if you still want to have in-game chat, the mono headset which comes with Sony Playstation 4 is your best bet at launch.

And this is not only happening to Playstation 4 as we have seen this situation before in the case of Xbox One which supposedly have a different connector on its controller; restricting the usage of any third-party headset. Though Microsoft has promised an adapter to tackle the situation; it will take some time and until then all the previously released and owned products remain at a disadvantage.

Source: Game Informer