New Video For Call of Duty: Ghosts Details Clans

The latest trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts details how clans work in the upcoming shooter. Anyone can register a clan of their own, the same way as it’s always been with the previous entries in the series. What’s different is that clans are more than just tags at the start of your alias now, and feature more than just clan specific leaderboards.

When in a clan, you’ll unlock exclusive items, earn bonuses to XP and be able to customize stuff. Additionally, clans in Ghosts won’t be restricted to platforms, and players will be able to join any clan, on any platform, from any platform.

More so, the Call of Duty App will let you manage your clan, chat with other members and rally them to a game and more through your smartphone or tablet.

Infinity Ward has also added objectives for clans in the form of dynamic battles between different clans played out over the course of multiple matches. Whichever clan completes the given objectives first wins that war, netting all members in the clan bonus XP.

All members contribute to the progress of these objectives, regardless of whether they’re playing solo, or with the rest of the clan. These battles will be cross-platform, just like everything else.

Before you confuse cross-platform clans and cross-platform battles with cross-platform gameplay, Ghosts will not let you play with friends and people playing on a different platform. Only the social features and stats are shared across all platforms, so you can get that hype meter back down.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be available on PC, X360 and PS3 on November 5. The next-gen version will release simultaneously alongside Sony and Microsoft’s consoles on their respective launch days.