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Konami is Hard at Work to Fix PES 2014 Online Issues

PES 2014 had been facing downturns in the game since it released back on September 20. After recently apologizing to fans regarding the troubles that they are facing, Konami the publisher has now issued an official statement on the game’s support forum indicating that fixes will be on their way soon.

The post that came out on the game’s support forums has stated that the company has “identified key issues.” So that is one part done, and all we need now on is the update that would fix the issues. The post continues, assuring that they were “”currently preparing a solution, with the support of Microsoft.”

“As soon as a date can be fixed for distribution of a new update, Konami will update users through the press, the PES community, social channels and via the following URL which has already been set-up to report back on the online issue.”

Based on reports received from players, they were having trouble playing the multiplayer version of the game on Xbox 360 since day one. The attempts that Konami had made to overcome this previously, included two updates; the second one would make the game’s online game modes playable but some of the users were not able to download it.

The post by Konami has stated that some progress has been made in the shape of another update. This will be the third one since the game has released. Other than this, Konami will also be releasing an update that will introduce a new 11v11 mode in the game along with other new features.