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Did You Want Saints Row 4 To Be An FPS? You Got It.

Obviously the original crazy saints led game Saints Row 4 plays in a third person shooter perspective but that doesn’t stop the compatibly crazy in geniuses modders to turn it into a first person shooter.

Some guys at SaintsRowMods have put their heads to it and come up with an alpha version of an FPS Saints Row 4.

YouTube user Holy Cowlick has created a video that takes you into the game from a totally different perspective that shows off how good it Steelport works in it.

Those of you who are interested in actually trying out the game this way should check out the video as it also walks you through certain twists and turns that you’ll have to make before you get it going.

Though the full version is still in progress we do have the alpha version available for download at Saints Row Mods’ forum.

What’s impressive in this is that we didn’t think anything else could be juiced out of this hilarious and an awesome kind of nonsensical game but that is not the case. Steelport is already full of fun, but this takes it up another notch.

What I am referring to is the full body-like experience and the twisting and lurching that comes with a nice first-person shooter. Oh and obviously, I can’t wait to experience how Super Sprinting and Super Jumping would feel like. Whoosh!

The page reads: “This mod still requires a lot of work. All the issues that you see, we are aware of it, and we are doing our best at the moment to fix it” and that “the main concentration of this mod is being realistic as possible.” Well, folks we are all game for it!

Have you seen the video? What do you think?

Source: Kotaku