Deep Down’s TGS Footage is Now Available in 1080p

Last month at the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom showcased their upcoming medieval dungeon crawler role-playing game, Deep Down, on the PlayStation 4. The video was put on the web for all to see but it was so of a blurry live stream version.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia though has now officially published the entire presentation online for viewers to marvel in high-definition. Most of you might have already seen the initial recorded version but the new shiny version deserves our time as well.

Deep Down was announced as a free-to-play online title in development exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Capcom’s current status might have dampened the mood of many RPG fans but just looking at how Deep Down is shaping up, brings up a new ray of hope for the company. During Gamescom in August, Capcom labelled the next-gen fantasy title as a “memory-reading RPG”, noting the aspect of randomly spawning dungeons to keep players on their toes. The game is also being powered by a new next-gen engine which according to Ono, “allows us to take game design in entirely new directions.”

Deep Down has been marked for a release sometime in 2014. A PC version is only speculated at this time but hopefully Capcom will go multi-platform later in the game’s cycle.