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Dark Souls 2 Comic ‘Into The Light’ Coming out in January

A graphic novel based on the upcoming action RPG by From Software; Dark Souls 2, has been revealed. Titled “Into the Light”, the comic will go on sale two months prior to the game’s release early next year.

Into the Light will be penned by Rob Williams and Andi Ewington. Famous for his own works; Cla$$war and Low Life, Williams has also worked extensively with Marvel in the past, writing alternate story arcs for X-Men, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man and many others. Ewington is relatively new, but his debut novel ‘45’ was well received.

On the art side for the Dark Souls graphic novel is Simon Coleby. Coleby has previously worked on a number of comics for 2000 AD, most notably for the Judge Dredd series and Rogue Trooper. Simon Coleby has also worked with Rob Williams before, and was the lead artist on Low Life.

In response to how they felt about collaborating with From Software and Namco Bandai on a graphic novel based on their Dark Souls universe, the trio had the following to say:

“Gothic environments, unworldly monsters, eldritch atmosphere, adventure and terror are the best arguments that an artist could wish for.”

Into the Light is scheduled for a January release next year. No details were given about the plot and how it would tie into Dark Souls 2’s narrative at this point. Dark Souls 2 itself will come out during March of 2014 for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360. A release on Nintendo’s Wii U and on next-gen consoles has not yet been announced.