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Square Enix is Bringing Tomb Raider to Mac

Lara Croft seems to be exploring yet another uncharted territory. Square-Enix, in collaboration with Mac publisher Feral Interactive, is bringing this year’s critically acclaimed reboot, Tomb Raider over to Apple’s machines.

Head of Product Development at Square Enix David Gallagher said that this is “one more step” towards realizing what the company wanted from Lara Croft’s latest adventure. “We’re excited to bring Tomb Raider to Mac, and in doing so introduce a new audience to Lara Croft’s original story,” said Gallagher.

Regarding the release date for the Mac version, the announcement over at Feral Interactive’s website reads:

“The gripping story of Lara’s evolution from amateur explorer to battle-hardened survivor will arrive on the Mac later this year in Tomb Raider, the acclaimed series reboot.”

The Tomb Raider reboot has sold millions of copies worldwide, and still continues to appear in the sales charts in certain regions. Even though the game was a commercial success by industry standards, topped the sales charts globally and scored high on almost all review sites, Square Enix stated that the game did not meet their projections. A sequel to the reboot was confirmed not long afterwards.

If you’re a Mac user and a long time fan of the iconic archaeologist, and have been missing out on the new Tomb Raider so far, then rejoice because this announcement is pretty much for you. As for me, I’m just happy to see another AAA title added to the relatively tiny library of Mac games.

No additional information regarding the Mac release has been made. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the Mac version comes out without the game’s multiplayer component, which really wasn’t all that impressive anyway so Mac users won’t be missing out on much. If it doesn’t get included that is.