Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Making Its Way to PC

What happens when you mix ninjas with cyborgs and zombies? The answer is Yaiba – Ninja Gaiden Z. Initially planned for an X360 and PS3 release, it seems like the action game is making its way to PC as well.

Tecmo Koei has confirmed that the game will be released simultaneously with the console versions on PC through Steam.

First announced in September last year, the spin-off of Team Ninja’s famous action series Ninja Gaiden puts players in control of Yaiba Kamikaze. Having been killed earlier; by protagonist of the main series Ryu Hayabusa, Yaiba is resurrected as a cyborg by an unknown organization.

The organization promises him enough power to exact his vengeance on the man that killed him if he would quell the spreading zombie plague for them.

The game, which is being directed by Keiji Inafune, is a collaborative effort between Team Ninja, Inafune’s own Comcept and Spark Unlimited – the studio responsible for the recently released Lost Planet 3.

As if being a cyborg ninja slicing through hordes of zombies wasn’t ridiculous (and amusing) enough, the game will let Yaiba transform his mechanical arm; among other things, into a chainsaw to slice through waves of zed. Furthermore, our back-from-the-dead cyborg ninja can also rip out the intestines of a zombie and flail them around like nun-chuks, taking out the rest of his enemies with them.

Although the action game has no definite release date, Tecmo Koei is aiming for a second quarter launch for 2014.

It certainly might have a borderline-crazy premise, but that, in conjunction with the cel-shaded visuals and fast-paced action, is exactly what makes Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z stand out.