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Square Enix Launching a New Crowd-Funding Platform With Indiegogo

Square Enix; in collaboration with Indiegogo, has announced a new service that seems like an offspring of Steam’s Greenlight initiative and the crowd-funding giant Kickstarter.

Dubbed ‘Collective’, the new service aims to empower aspiring indie developers by allowing them to share their game concepts with gamers around the world, who can then judge the ideas for what they are worth. Collective will solely be a crowd-funding platform for games. Submitting a pitch over Collective will be free, although certain terms and conditions will need to be met.

All submissions will undergo an evaluation phase when they go live. Once a pitch goes live, it will have nearly a month to garner interest from the Collective community.

The pitch; if it intrigues enough gamers at the end of the 28-day period, will be given exposure on the service and will have crowd-funding enabled for the project – once Square-Enix confirms that the developer is indeed capable of completing the proposed game.

The means; through which Square-Enix will judge developers’ credibility, as of yet remain unspecified. This will be done in order to ensure potential backers that the project they are funding will quite probably see the light of day. Square-Enix’s involvement also makes it more likely for new, unknown developers to be crowd-funded even on their first game.

Additionally, Square also announced that certain older Eidos IPs will also be available for new developers to work on, although no details were given on how it would work at this point.

Square-Enix intends to roll out more information regarding submission parameters and other finer details after November 5 at GDC Next. For more details, head on over to the official site.

Do you think it’s a smart move by Square-Enix? Are you interested in it; if at all, from a developer’s perspective or do you see yourself using the platform as an end-user? Share your thoughts in the comments.