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Capcom: Hacking Monster Hunter 4 Will Brick Your Copy

Capcom’s popular action-RPG series, Monster Hunter, had its 4th main entry released in Japan last month. Monster Hunter 4, which is only available for Nintendo’s 3DS handheld, has sold over a million copies in the region in less than a month and has dominated the charts since its release.

It was expected, since every Monster Hunter game sells in Japan like hot-cakes. What wasn’t expected however, were hacks that could let you mod your character, spawn rare monsters at will, alter the AI and give yourself the game’s rarest equipment without actually going through the hassle of obtaining them through the prescribed way.

Capcom Japan considers this a serious offense, as it undermines the game’s online play features and weakens the impact of the rewards available through in-game events that Capcom has in store for the game.

In an official statement over at the company’s Japanese website, Capcom has warned users that the use of hacks and tampering save data could brick the player’s copy of the game, rendering it completely worthless.

Capcom has also requested gamers to remove the sources from which a player might be receiving weird guild quests and other such game elements. Failure to remove such StreetPass contacts could result in the players’ own save files being considered hacked or tampered.

Players found with tampered save data at the Monster Hunter Festa in game events will be disbarred from it and banned from all future events.

It’s clear from the strong wording used that Capcom means business. Failure to comply could lead to bigger problems for the players.

Anyway, the hack seems to take away from the Monster Hunter experience in my opinion. What’s the point of playing it if you’re all-powerful right from the start? The real fun lies in the journey of becoming a legendary hunter, not in being one.