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Galactic Starfighter is the Next Expansion for SWTOR & its Free

BioWare has been working on the next, rather secretive project of theirs in the Star Wars series for a while now. Luckily for us, they are now ready to start talking releases with us. The upcoming installment that they were working on has been announced as the next expansion pack of Star Wars: The Old Republic and it is called Galactic Starfighter.

A press release dated yesterday announced the expansion pack that will extend the Republic and Empire war.

A new 12v12 space battles feature will be added along with other space combat options. This will be first time that Star Wars: The Old Republic will incorporate multiplayer and PvP in space combat.

What could be more interesting than getting a player vs. player mode in the game? Well, may be a free to play mode. That’s exactly what Galactic Starfigther is; the expansion will be a free download. Other than that, new upgrade options and customizations will let you redo the old ships as well as an array of new ones.

Jeff Hickman, the general manager of BioWare Austin believes that Galactic Starfighter is going to be a deeper experience in line with the gameplay of the Old Republic:

“Our goal with Star Wars: The Old Republic has always been to immerse players into their own Star Wars adventure and huge space battles are a vital part of fulfilling that fantasy.”

In case you are a subscriber, you are in luck for you will be getting the expansion pack on the earliest from among your fellows. Early Access Rewards are supposed to bring the game to you on December 3 along with two pilot suits, Test Pilot title and First Galactic Starfighter title and Exclusive Paint Jobs.

The second group to get the expansion will be the Preferred Status players (anyone who purchases something from the in game online store is a preferred status player). Along with the expansion pack’s early access on January 14 they will get two pilot suits and the title of Test Pilot.

Everyone else will get the expansion on February 4.

Oh and everyone who has been an active subscriber since November 1 gets an early unlocking on Galactic Starfighter Gunship and custom paint jobs on the Gunship too!

you can check out the SWTOR’s website for more details.