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Jean-Charles Gaudechon Joins DUST 514 as Executive Producer

CCP Games, the EVE Online famed game developer that also has DUST 514 to its credit has a new executive Producer. It’s quite an important post and Luckily of the fans, CCP has found that person to be Jean-Charles Gaudechon.

Gaudechon has spent time at Electronic Arts Stockholm as a producer and publisher heading projects like Battlefield: Play4Free, Battlefield Heroes and the translation of the mega franchise into a free to play model. Before that he was the lead developer for Need for Speed World where he led it to its greater horizons.

No wonder we can sense glee in the tone of Sean Decker, CCP’s SVP of product development who believes “In addition to his extensive experience in the free-to-play space, Jean-Charles brings a tremendous sense of product vision and creativity to DUST 514. His track record of developing major online titles will serve the growth of DUST 514 very well.”

DUST 514 was released in May this year and revolves around a free to play first person shooter game mode taking you into the sci-fi universe of hugely acclaimed EVE Online. It is a title that has taken millions of players 21000 years into the future – now that’s a feat enjoyable by some.

“The scope and vision of DUST 514, and its integration into the massive EVE Online Universe is unparalleled, creating the largest single-shard online multi-player game to date. I look forward to my journey with CCP as we push the boundaries of the game even farther, to an experience as large and meaningful as the EVE Universe itself” said Gaudechon.

So, how do you think will he impact the world of Dust 514?