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Xbox One Exclusive Project Spark Gets 15 Minute Gameplay Videos

At this year’s E3 the Microsoft presentation had showcased their exclusive Project Spark for the first time in public.

By the looks of it, it bears a massive world with seemingly unlimited possibilities and that too in such a colorful world. It is always nice to see more of such endeavors so here we are with a new 15 minute footage.

Microsoft Japan has released two videos that were relayed at the Tokyo Game Show that was held recently. These are recordings of the stage event itself where the players start from scratch going up a level as they play on.

From the looks of it, even the non playable characters in the game seem pretty interesting. This gets better when we see how Kinect can be used to record the NPCs animations and voices.

Other than this, the game also carries inbuilt levels that can be played as they are instead of the aforementioned alternative where you go and design the playground from scratch.

Project Spark is a “game maker” videogame that is being developed by Team Dakota. It lets you create everything from mountains, rivers, and towns using voice commands (selectively) and then encounter enemies for battle on the grounds that they have themselves prepared.

We have been told that these renditions are for the Xbox One versions of the game. Check out the two videos yourself to see how you like it.

Project Spark TGS Video #1

Project Spark TGS Video #2