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Rockstar Warns Against Overwriting Old Characters in GTA Online

If you hold your Grand Theft Auto characters and their credentials dear to you, you must read this. We all know how the otherwise massive and highly acclaimed open world maestro GTA Online has hit bumps on the road, bumps that Rockstar is still struggling with. So here go warnings upon warnings from the developer.

A post that appeared couple of hours ago on Rockstar Games’ website adheres to troubled outcries from people who have faced losing their characters, progression, items and/or cash while playing.

Apart from earnest apologies and reaffirmations that they are working hard to undo the damage, Rockstar has warned that if you see that your created character has vanished to be replaced by an empty slot, you should not create another character in the same slot. This will result in losing the original character and everything else that came with it.

When the Cloud Services are unavailable and you are given the chance to continue playing online using the disc based content it only provides you with a temporary character, meaning you cannot save while playing or use any of the previous characters.

If this happens to you, you should: “Back out to Story Mode and re-enter GTA Online when Cloud servers are up again so your characters can load.” What they are saying is, that if you want your characters to stay saved, you should not proceed with the game when the Cloud Servers are unavailable.

The last of quite a few warnings that they gave us is, not to “retry” when we are told that “Rockstar Cloud Servers are unavailable.” Instead what they want us to do is to go back to the story mode and try to re-enter the Online mode from the pause menu. The same should be done if, like above, we see an empty character selection screen instead of our character.