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Payday: Web Series Episode 6 Released

For all of the Payday crazies out there, 505 Games’ extraordinary minds are just the right guides for your curiosity cruises.

The Payday Web Series was started back in June as a source of backstory knowledge and entertainment for the heist based first person shooter. It has been getting episodes after regular intervals since then and the sixth episode has now been released.

The second last among a total of seven episodes, Payday Web Series’ sixth episode is titled “Vlad and Gage.” Vlad as we know, is the Ukrainian potential contractor, he isn’t one of the main characters but still has importance for he tries hard to get back his criminal repo.

In the sixth episode, we see a special agent who gets personal with Vlad and hence the CrimeNet. Bain, the mastermind and the creator of CrimeNet tells Vlad to talk to agent Griffin; of course it is not just a chat he is going to have. Give it a try.

The Web Series has turned out to be a great way of introducing the story of the game and its characters to players who have been loyal to the series since its predecessor released.

Payday 2 the game revolves around a greater degree of stealth that Payday itself while retaining the soul of the original game i.e. heists. You take on 11 missions, 11 heists which will be a mix of action packed sequences and stealth based take-it-and-go objectives.

The game released on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on August 13 in North America and August 16 in Europe. You might want to give it a try if you haven’t done so already.