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Eight Dragon Quest Games Getting Ported to Smartphones by Square Enix

Now when you plan to introduce a game franchise to mobiles, how do you do it with a bang? Well, how about announcing eight iterations of the series to be ported to smart phones at once? Yes, Square Enix does know how to go about making waves.

The publisher/developer is bringing the Dragon Quest series to Android and iOS and the way they have decided to go about doing it is to turn Dragon Quest 1 up to Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King into mobile versions.

A new teaser website that sprung up yesterday announced their plans for the games. The website is Japanese and I have reason to believe that the planned iterations might be for Japanese smartphones, I am still confident that is not all we are going to get.

What is not clear though is what versions of the games will be released to Android and iOS considering that some of the games in question have had more than one version.

For example, Dragon Quest 7 was remade for Nintendo 3DS while Dragon Quest 4, 5 and 6 have DS versions and lastly, Dragon Quest 3 was converted to Super Famicom and Game Boy Color back in time.

In a parallel report, Square Enix has teased a new game for iOS and Android too. Titled Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light, the webpage doesn’t give away a lot more than the name of the game and the platforms.

Alright so, this is good news but is it really a big one? Would you give them a try if they release to North America? Expect the releases to be sometime around the fall.