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AMD’s New R7 and R9 GPU Series Launching Today

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is launching its latest Radeon series graphics cards into the market today. The cards will use their new R7 and R9 series Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and will be a whole family of chips.

This is different from the usual market practice, usually companies manufacture and release a high end chip and keep users waiting who would not want to have such a high powered graphics card until the low end chips are released on a later date.

Evan Groenke, the graphics product manager of AMD believes “we (AMD) took the bold step of introducing an entire family, all at once, to the public. We’re delivering much better performance, and that translates to better value for gamers.”

So does this mean the stage is being set for a big showdown between AMD, Nvidia and Intel? Off the record, I’d wager on Intel. Nevertheless, the low end cards include AMD Radeon R7 240, the R7 250, and the R7 260X. These are aimed at faster browsing, video editing and everyday gaming.

The high end graphics chips on the other hand include AMD Radeon R9 270X and R9 280X. With a support for UltraHD (4K) resolution and AMD Eyefinity multimonitor technology and this thing is going to be the bomb!

Just to add to that, if you compare R9 280X 3GB with Radeon 6970, it will work twice as fast and if compared to Nvidia GTX 760 2GB it will be 39 percent faster!

The price details for the graphics cards are as follows:

  • R7 240: $69 in cards
  • R7 250: $89 in cards
  • R7 260X $139 in cards
  • R9 270X $199 for 2GB of video memory and $229 for 4GB.
  • R9 280X: $299 in cards.

The whole range will be available in the market by October 11.

Source: VentureBeat