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2K Sports Details WWE 2K14’s Creation Mode

WWE (the video game) found itself a new home at 2K Sports earlier this year, after 2K’s parent company Take-Two acquired the license from its now-bankrupt former owner, THQ.

The first game in the WWE Universe to be released under Take-Two’s leadership is just a few weeks away from launch, and 2K Sports was keen on sharing some new features regarding WWE 2K14’s ‘Creation Mode’ in their latest live stream.

The majority of the additions made are for Custom Superstars, with the most noticeable one being the inclusion of ‘Superstar Heads’ which lets you dupe the base models and attires of superstars from WWE’s roster.

These can be further edited and customized, and then be saved as alternate outfits for those wrestlers or as entirely new superstars. The entire list of new features has been summarized below:

Custom Superstar

  • New Superstar Heads allows the user to fully customize select WWE Superstars’ body and attire (including John Cena, CM Punk, Roddy Piper, Daniel Bryan and Undertaker) with the ability to set them as separate characters or alternate attires
  • New ability to apply social media callouts for created Superstars
  • For the first time ever, entrance attires can now be customized within Superstar Threads
  • Custom Superstar save slots have been doubled to 100
  • A host of new parts for more creative freedom

Custom Championship

  • Custom Championship allows the ability to create an original Championship. Customize the color of titles and apply logos, decals and sculptural reliefs to the front and side plates
  • Custom titles can be placed up for grabs in Universe Mode

Custom Arena

  • New arena designs and venue size types
  • New stage designs and much more

Custom Entrance

  • New motions, music, and videos in Custom Entrance mode
  • Ability to cast the positions of tag team and 3 man tag entrance motions
  • Story Designer, Create-a-Finisher, and Custom Logos also return for the most in-depth creation suite yet.

From what we’ve seen so far, it’s clear that 2K Sports intends to keep pretty much everything the way it has been. The only major change from the THQ days seems to be the game’s new title, which is more in line now with other 2K Sports games. WWE 2K14 will be available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on the 25th of this month.

Source: Game Informer