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Xbox One DVR Automatically Records Each Achievement Unlocking

We already know that the Xbox One DVR will voluntarily record five minutes of your game play for every game. We have also known that users will be allowed to record up to five minutes of their gameplay at will, when and wherever ever they want to. What’s news is that the DVR will also seamlessly record how each achievement is unlocked.

Gearnuke has reported that while at the EB Games Expo, Adam Pollington the Xbox Australia product manager was interviewed by YouTuber ChampChong about the sharing functionality of the next generation console where Pollington revealed new information about the recording features too.

“The DVR will automatically record any Achievements that take place. So, whenever you unlock Gamerscore, it will automatically record how you did that so you can check it out later,” said Pollington.

Already, the five minute pure and unadulterated recording that will come automatically was a brilliant selling point since being able to share important moments of your game or the gameplay in general is a solid feature.

Now the addition of achievements unlocking footage will be adding to the reasons why people would come to love the software brilliance of Microsoft, I suppose.

Other than that, he also shared that using Kinect players will have the ability to record the player’s reaction upon unlocking particular achievements too. Of course it will also depend on whether the game developers add that feature into their game or not.

I am expecting that all the publishers who want to make their game hip on the social platforms will be giving it a go. What do you think about it?