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Developer of Rocksmith 2014 Dumps Kinect Amid Technological Limitations

It doesn’t get any worse for a game changing technology than to get dumped by an upcoming game – and that too while the technology in question boasts of high end potential. Yes, Kinect got ditched by music based videogame Rocksmith due to technology limitations.

Paul Cross, the lead designer for Rocksmith 2014 was talking to IGN about their attempt at providing a better and less catastrophic experience than the previous iteration of the game when he confirmed that they had dumped Kinect’s camera features for their lack of agility.

Rocksmith 2014 is a sequel to the 2011 game by Ubisoft or as they prefer to call it; a replacement. It is a game that will allow users to plug in guitars and play through different song tracks – a teaching tool of sorts.

For the rock lovers, Microsoft’s Kinect integration into the game would have proven to be a classy feature that would let people recreate guitar postures physically. The acts were supposed to be recorded by Kinect and rewarded if done to perfection.

Classic guitar postures like Pete Townshend’s windmill arm movement were however too tricky for the Xbox 360’s Kinect to cope up with.

According to Paul Cross the lead designer for the game at Ubisoft, it wasn’t budgetary or time constraints rather the limited capability of Kinect’s current generation form which cannot differentiate between the player’s arm and the head of the guitar – such a pity.

It has been confirmed that Rocksmith 20114 will have a very limited scope of Kinect use which will be nothing more than a voice activation system. This is not good news for Microsoft folks; seeing how the next generation of the technology is being eyed for being rather impressive.

What I would want to find out soon is how the tech geeks at Xbox are trying their best to avoid such a treatment by next generation games.

You can check out the whole interview here.