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Possible Wii U Port for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Spotted

Don’t look now, but it seems that there’s been some more retailer hijinks, this time on the side of California based Newegg. The site has just put up a Wii U version of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, attached with a month end release date.

We all know that such things can’t really be trusted, especially with Kid Icarus Uprising still being advertised on Amazon France as a Wii U game. Still, one can hope that the 3DS exclusive makes its way onto a console with proper lighting and textures.

Furthermore, a fact which does not seems to help this rumor’s credibility is that the artwork being displayed on the Newegg page seems to come from a DeviantArt user by the name of Jonaho23.

Dark Moon is the second game in the Luigi’s Mansion series of games. The main goal is to retrieve the pieces of the shattered Dark Moon, a magical object that has a pacifying effect on the ghosts residing in Evershade Valley, by seeking them out in the five haunted mansions located therein. Dark Moon also offers a cooperative multiplayer mode that can be played locally or online via Nintendo Network.