Killzone: Shadowfall – 7 Minutes of Thrilling Singleplayer Footage


All those of you who had been looking out for something to make them balance their expectations regarding Killzone: Shadowfall, look no more. The launch title for PlayStation 4 by Guerilla Games has not received much of a screen time which wasn’t really expected.

Nevertheless, this seven minute long video recording might just fill in your expectations – or not. In a world of gaming where we have had titles like Grand Theft Auto 5 where virtually anything is possible, or games like Bioshock with their superb promos that rock the visual graphics world; it will take a lot to impress the audience.

You surf through the video and you will see that apart from the OWL, a flying robot that helps you in tough times, the game mechanics are as ordinary as any other game. or at least that will be true when compared to the expectations people would have had from the game otherwise.

The AI is, well dumb as far as this video goes. You don’t see them taking cover or being the cunning pain in the ass that they are supposed to be now a days. Obviously we have seen how an impressive enemy AI always turns up the heat among players who are there to actually fight and win.

I wish for Killzone Shadowfall to be more than just another first person shooter and certainly expect Guerilla Games to tweak up more features that would make it stand out.

Check out the video yourself and let us know what you make of it.

Thanks, DualShockers.