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Cryptic Studios Co-Founder Kickstarts Undead Overlord

Cameron Petty, founding CEO of the popular Cryptic Studios (City of Heroes, Neverwinter, Champions Online) is now heading an up-start JumpCore Productions.

Based out of Pleasant Hill, CA, the new studio; which has a number of industry veterans in it, intends to crowd-fund their first game through Kickstarter, leveraging their names and past works along with the game’s concept to make the campaign successful.

The game, titled Undead Overlord, will be a real-time strategy game based on zombies.

Interestingly though, the game won’t make you control survivors and make you fend off waves after waves of the seemingly infinite undead abominations. Undead Overlord instead lets you command the mindless zombie hordes that roam about aimlessly.

Every survivor you take out will rise up again as another zombie for you to control.

You will have vastly deformed and mutated ‘boss’ zombies at your disposal in addition to the average zombies in your horde, each with their own attacks and abilities, allowing for diverse strategies.

The still-living folk will have classes of their own as well, and you’ll find yourself going up against civilians, SWAT teams and even the military.

Players will find themselves controlling the zombies through different stages of the zombie apocalypse – from ruined cities with small rag-tag bands of battle-hardened survivors braving it out against the zombie infestation to perfectly normal suburban environments full of civilians completely oblivious to the zed threat, and everything in between.

Undead Overlord has a base goal of $60,000, which when met, will guarantee a January 2014 release for the game’s early access. You can head on over to the game’s official Kickstarter campaign for more details regarding the stretch goals and the different pledge tiers.

Are you intrigued by JumpCore’s idea, or do you think zombie games have been done to death (no pun intended)? Share your thoughts in the comments.