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USA and Europe Face off in Battlefield 4 Intercontinental Competition

Things just got real folks! EA and DICE are turning on the heat by taking the Battlefield 4 warzones to a real world continent level.

Two teams will be fighting against each other in a live showdown, and the teams will be United States of America taking on Europe.

So for those of you who would like a pinch of patriotism, this is your handful! Obviously some of us might not really be interested in seeing which team wins but I guess all the Battlefield fans would love to see more of the game in action.

This showdown will be the debut of Battlefield 4 Second Assault.

What could be a better way to do that but to have one team headed by Major Nelson and the other by Xbox social marketing manager Graeme Boyd – you might know him as AceyBongos. The two will face off against each other on November 1 in London at 10:00AM PDT.

Larry Hyrb aka Major Nelson, Xbox Live’s director programming will captain America’s 32 player team while AceyBongos will lead the same number of Europeans. Talking of the players, nothing really has been said about who could participate apart from the statement that “top tier Battlefield players” will be chosen for both teams.

As far as the US team is concerned, they are offering one seat to a lucky player along with a ticket to London, all you need to do is compete in this weekend’s Battlefield 4 Play and Win contest here.

You can tune into the live streaming of Battlefield 4: Showdown Live – Europe vs. USA at Battlefield’s website to see who comes out victorious.