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Valve Chose Nvidia Over AMD for Steam Machines

Looks like NVIDIA and Valve’s collaboration is really something. Previously, a post on NVIDIA’s blog had revealed their partnership on the software development side though the nature of the arrangement has been confirmed through Valve’s announcement of specifications for Steam Machines

“Valve revealed the specs for the first prototype Steam Machines to be distributed to 300 gamers for testing and feedback. NVIDIA and Valve have been working together on the upcoming SteamOS and Steam Machine prototypes for some time now, and we’re delighted to have the NVIDIA GeForce GTX series featured in the Steam Machine prototypes shipping later this year” reads a post on NVIDIA’s Blog.

Mike Sartiana from Linux team Valve was questioned about the recently revealed specs of Steam Machines and the inclusion of GTX products into them.

Amazngly, the partnership between NVIDIA and Valves dates back a whole decade. When it came to SteamOS and Steam Machines, “It was a very collaborative effort” he said. The importance being given to Steam Machines by both the companies, according to Mike is because “It’s a chance to innovate in a way that doesn’t come along too often.” I nearly agree.

The 300 prototypes that are bound to be shipped to testers by the end of 2013 carry NVidia Titan, some GTX780, some GTX760, and some GTX660. This has been chosen instead of AMD GPUs same as Intel CPUs were chosen over AMDs.

“The GeForce GTX series delivers the graphics performance, acoustic characteristics, and power efficiency we wanted for the first impression of the SteamOS living room game experience.” Said Mike while talking about what kind of an experience the testers should expect.

For more details on the specification details of Steam Machine you can head straight to their website for the official reveal.