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State of Decay Breaks the One Million Mark

Developer Undead Labs was very pleased today to announce that they had finally broken the milestone of having over one million copies of their game State of Decay sold so far.

This number takes into the account both the copies that have been sold on Xbox Live Arcade as well as the Steam Early Access sales. For a small indie startup studio, one million is a huge number to break. The game’s next upcoming DLC is called Breakdown, and is in fact the first bit of downloadable content for the open-world zombie shooter.

Undead Labs will give away five copies of the Breakdown DLC to random users who share a fond State of Decay related memory on the bottom of this blog post. The DLC will contain a story-less Sandbox mode, new weapons, and new “Hero” NPCs that can carry items and do a better job of protecting players.

State of Decay is an open world zombie survival game in which your play as one amongst a group of survivors. You return to your hometown after a trip to find the whole valley infested with zombies as well as a military presence in the area. It focuses on gathering of resources and exploration and also features a fairly robust combat system.