Maxis Looking Into Possibility of SimCity Offline

There was a lot of hype and hubbub surrounding the launch of SimCity. Between the always online policies and the subsequent overloading of the servers Maxis and. EA came under a lot of flak from the gaming community.

However, the game is still popular enough for Maxis to warrant active development on the title, as evidenced by with seven major updates over this period helping to improve the game, most notably with regard to the questionable traffic simulation.

General Manager of the Maxis Emeryville studio, Patrick Buechner has recently stated in a blog post that the team is continuing to listen to player feedback and paying particular attention to those who have constructive criticism.

He also revealed that the developers are looking into three main aspects that they want to improve; larger areas in which to build cities, user generated content, and an offline way to play.

According to Buechner, the problem with user generated content is that it would be pretty easy to break the game. However, he also noted that creating an Offline mode would solve this problem by basically giving each player their own little sandbox to toy around in.

You can check out the full blog post for yourself.