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Borderlands 2 Gets $100K Worth of Loot Hunt

How many times have you played a game that would give away $100,000 in real money? Not much of course; here goes your chance to get bigger than the game prizes from 2K Games’ Borderlands 2.

Now we know the Vault Hunters of Pandora are already sufficient to keep people glued to the consoles and PCs for quite some time but I guess 2K Games and Gearbox Software want to emphasize the importance of that little more.

The Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt website announced the promotion that is bound to start from October 11. The whole loot hunt will be giving away a vast range of prizes including PlayStation Vitas, Turtle Beach Headsets, Nvidia gear, BradyGames items and last but not the least massive cash prizes.

The process is simple, go to the Loot Hunt website and register yourself for the activity. Once done, you will start seeing some of the most gettable guns in Borderlands 2 dropping out at strange locations over the maps; you will pick those guns and go after specific community goal. For instance you could be asked to kill a certain enemy with the day’s special gun.

If enough people get the task done in the way prescribed, the weekend will unlock a new massive gun for you. It will last for 28 whole days ending on November 7 with similar daily targets that you will have to achieve in order to get your hands on the grand prize of $50,000!

There is a catch in this though; the aforementioned cash and goodies are limited to the US players only. As far as players from other countries are concerned, they will have to suffice with the in-game prizes including special loot.

So, who’s up for sum loot?

Source: Eurogamer