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Progress on Homefront 2 is Going “Great” – Crytek

News on the future of Homefront has been slim ever since Crytek purchased the franchise from THQ during the company’s bankruptcy auction earlier this year for $544,000. The developer is indeed working on a sequel and in a new update, general manager Nick Button-Brown said that so far the progress on the new military shooter Homefront 2 has been positive.

“The team in Nottingham–Crytek UK–is making great progress on our reinvention of Homefront,” Button-Brown said in the latest issue of Develop.

He then added that Crytek UK “has a number of projects we haven’t talked about yet,” but didn’t mention as to what those projects were.

The original Homefront was developed by Kaos Studios who are now shut down. The game managed to ship 2.6 million units which was pretty mediocre from Crytek’s point of view who think that the franchise has more potential than that. They tend to prove that with Homefront 2.

The web has been since then been bugging Crytek for details on the sequel’s story and whether the combat mechanics will remain the same or not. Crytek has only promised to reveal details when they feel they are ready.