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Nintendo Interested in Bringing Monogame Framework to Wii U

Indie developers have started to get much higher importance in the recent months; steps have been taken to ensure their sustenance across all platforms in the past too. Obviously, Nintendo has the same intentions. Siliconera has reported that they plan to bring MonoGame Framework to Wii U.

MonoGame Framework is basically open source software that implements Microsoft’s XNA 4 application programming interface. It has previously been used by quite a few developers to create iterations of games for multiple platforms.

The games that have benefited from MonoGame Framework include titles like Fez and Bastion which were developed into cross platform games by re-using their codes through the framework.

Currently, there are as much as eight platforms that support MonoGame Framework including Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, PlayStation Mobile, Windows PC, Linux, Mac and Ouya. Wii U will be the ninth platform and the second console to support it after Ouya.

We could expect such measures to be taken by the Nintendo management owing to the lack of quantity of games that make their way to Wii U as compared to other mainstream consoles. Steps like these could make it easier for indie developers to release their games on a Console like Wii U.

Also, this comes in line with Nintendo’s announcement that they will make available as much as 30 new indie titles in Wii U eShop by New Year – looks like now we know how they plan on doing it.

The application framework received its stable release in March this year and has been developed by MonoGame Team, head to their official website if you’d want to learn more.