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Dead Rising 3 SmartGlass Functionality Detailed

Dead Rising 3 was announced to release with SmartGlass functionality and today Capcom has dropped the details on the feature.

According to the developer, players will be able to pick up a smartphone in the game early on. Hence they can then proceed to connect their SmartGlass device and turn it into a “Zombie Defense and Control PDA,” or ZDC PDA for short. Once that’s done, players can then receive phone calls and text messages from various in-game characters regarding mission updates or new missions. Successful completion of these missions will result in players getting access to new weapons or additional support apps for your PDA. The latter includes the ability to call in air-strikes, drone support or area-wide flares for distracting zombies.

Other things players will be able to do is track their progress towards active missions without having to use in-game menus, get updates and hints on where zombie outbreaks are happening around the city and check out a real-time map of the area.

The whole deal is of course purely optional and players can choose to ignore it if they want. However, whoever said no to an air-strike?

Dead Rising 3 is a launch title for the Xbox One and while many assume the game to later on release for other platforms, Capcom so far has shown no interest in the prospect.