Call of Duty: Ghosts – Squad Mode Allows Bots to Take Your Place When You’re Offline

A new trailer released for Call of Duty: Ghosts focuses on ‘Squad Mode’ where players can form and lead their own team against an opposition.

The said mode is unique from the multiplayer, in the sense that players lead a team of AI controlled bots instead of human players. Both sides first have to form their team and this means choosing each bot’s loadouts individually. That alone opens up to various scenarios where players must choose based on their own gameplay. You perhaps be more interested in going recon and hence can have a couple of bots fully equipped in covering your flank or perhaps you can simply arm most of your bots with rocket launches to tear the other team to shreds.

Once a team is formed, you have the option of either taking on a team led by another human player or a team full of bots. Activision promises that the bots this time around are better than before and foolishly rushing in for fights will perhaps backfire for most players.

The surprising part here is that when a player is offline, his team can still be challenged by other players. This necessarily gives players the ability to kill you, even when you’re offline. Your place in the team will be given to another bot who will use loadouts based on your previous gameplay. This also makes it so that you’ll still earn XP even when you’re not online.

There will also be a “Safeguard” mode in Squads which basically is survival against waves of enemies. There will be multiple Safeguard modes as well. The first, just called Safeguard, challenges you to survive 20 rounds; the second, “Safeguard Extended,” goes up to 40 waves; the third, “Safeguard Infinite,” has no round limit.

All will be available with the game when it launches on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on November 5, 2013. Next-gen versions for the PS4 and Xbox One will release on November 15 and November 22 respectively.