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Xi3’s Piston is not Steam Box but a PC Console Priced at $1000

Since it was initially teased at the CES 2013 back in January, Xi3’s gaming machine Piston was often related to Valve’s upcoming hardware of the same sorts. The media coined name “Steam Box” was frequently thought to be the same device that Xi3 was going to release; but those were just speculations.

Recently, the company in question has flushed out more details and it is evident that they were not happy for being associated with Valve any more. A detailed FAQs page attends to the question specifically stating that:

“Xi3 has never described its PISTON Console (PC) as the Steam box or a Steam Box, especially since it appears that Steam Box is a term created by journalists and not by Valve.”

So that clears one thing, what was previously known as Steam Box, now the Steam Machine is something else. Trust me, this is good news. I say so because the new details revealed also shared the specifications of the new Piston and they are not really worth the one grand they are pricing it at.

“The PISTON is powered by a quad-core, 64-bit x86-based processor running at up to 3.2GHz, includes 384 programmable discrete-class graphics cores and is supported with 8GB of DDR3 RAM” reads the FAQs section and it continues, stating that it comes with a mere 128GB of SSD storage.

Now that means just a couple of Killzone Shadow Falls would render the memory unusable for more. Although it is upgradable to 1TB, the in-built memory is all we get for paying $999 for this softball sized machine.

Would I want to spend that much on this device or would I rather buy a PlayStation 3 and 10 games with it in the same price? Tricky question.

Nevertheless, Piston can run with Windows, Linux, UNIX and SteamOS. Now that’s interesting; the FAQs didn’t say specifically whether the device will come with a built in SteamOS or not and they still didn’t clarify what Valve’s investment with them was for – do we have room for another speculation? A SteamOS-Piston collaboration maybe?

We’ll see to that soon since Xi3’s Piston will come out on November 29.

Source: INCGamers