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GTA Online’s Microtransactions Disabled Amid Server Issues

Well, you can’t blame them for not warning about this, while officially announcing GTA Online’s microtransactions Rockstar had clearly foreshadowed server issues and glitches in the game for at least the initial weeks.

As if they knew what they were going to be up against, their warnings stand true just one day into the online game’s release and we are void of microtransactions in the game until they get rectified. Though it’s not just that, the online version of Grand Theft Auto has stumbled onto a multiple of server issues.

A post on Rockstar’s official website announced that they were disabling purchasable GTA$ cash packs for good until all the servers were running smoothly. In-game cash though can still be earned through jobs and missions.

“For the time being and until we have been able to get everybody access to GTA Online and things are running smoothly, we have disabled the option of purchasable GTA$ cash packs,” reads the post.

As for the problems that led to it, Rockstar claims that they have fixed the glitch that was limiting the number of possible concurrent players on some of the PlayStation 3 servers, though we will update soon on whether the issue has been completely resolved or not.

For others, the problem was as straightforward as it gets: no GTA Online beyond the tutorial – how convenient. We must still insist that some people have faced this while others have been able to get past the tutorial; I made it seem like it was one of the missions that deserved prize money didn’t I?

And lastly, as for those who had made it past the tutorial, some were held back from progressing. So even if you had gone past the tutorial mode you would get stuck somewhere else owing to server instability.

Now, disabling the microtransactions is apparently one of the solutions given by Rockstar; I wonder how that’s working out for them.

I’d term that as the worst bummer ever but the developer folks are earnest, they are “identifying these issues now and are working to restore stability for users as soon as possible,” and of course I believe they will be able to clear up the mess as soon as possible.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t take too long.