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Battlefield 4 Beta Guide – Unlocks, Tips, Weapons, Gadgets, Vehicles

Battlefield 4 enters open beta tomorrow. Those interested can get it from Xbox Live, PSN and EA’s own storefront; Origin, if you’re playing on PC.

The beta will last until the 15th of October and features one map; Siege of Shanghai, and includes two game modes: Conquest and Domination. Players will have all kits available for play and will also be able to experience Battlefield 4’s progression system (although it will be confined to a limited number of weapons and gadgets).

Battlefield 4 Beta

The following guide should help you decide your load-out (regardless of which kit you decide to play) and provides some really useful tips and tactics at the end that you can employ when playing the two game modes in Siege of Shanghai.

Let’s get started with the weapons currently available in the beta:

Battlefield 4 Beta Weapons

Guns in Battlefield 4 are divided into 8 different classes. Apart from handguns, shotguns, DMRs and carbines, weapon classes have limitations as to which kits can use them. The following weapons are available in the beta:

Assault Rifles
Available to the following kits: Assault.

The default assault rifle. Available right from the start, the AK-12 is a semi-automatic assault rifle with burst-fire capabilities, a moderate clip size, high recoil and a decent fire rate. Effective at close to medium range.

Attachments – Kobra [RDS], Coyote [RDS], Laser Sight, Green Laser Sight, Muzzle Brake, Flash Hider, UGL Rail, ERGO Grip, Vertical Grip.

Unlocked at 7000 Assault Rifle score, the SCAR-H is; albeit slower, a more accurate semi-automatic assault rifle with low recoil and a 20-round magazine. Effective at medium range. Can be used effectively at long range with a scope.

Available to the following kits: Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon.

The ACW-R is a carbine with a high rate of fire and a 30-round clip. Allows for semi-automatic and full-auto firing. Effective at close to medium range.

The Russian carbine AK-5C is a mid-range weapon allowing for full-auto and semi-automatic firing modes. AK-5C fires 700 rounds per minute and has the capacity to hold 30 rounds in a single clip. Effective at close to medium range.

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs)
Available to the following kits: Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon.

MK11 MOD 0
The MK11 is a rifle with decent range boasting a moderate clip size and semi-automatic firing. Effective at medium to long range.

The RFB is much like the MK11. With a 20-round clip and a semi-automatic firing mode, the RFB is a long range rifle that’s most effective when at a distance from the enemy.

Available to the following kits: Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon.

High accuracy at close range, moderate stopping power, and a 16-round clip size make the semi-auto M9 the preferred sidearm for most players. Being available from the start also helps M9 retain its popularity. Effective at close range.

The Swiss/German semi-automatic handgun is equal to the M9 in almost every way. The P226 uses a 9x19mm cartridge and has a slightly shorter barrel than the M9. Effective at close range.

Attachments – Ghost Ring, Flash Light, Green Laser Sight, Muzzle Brake, Flash Hider

Light Machine Guns (LMGs)
Available to the following kits: Support.

The Chinese LMG uses a magazine with 200-rounds. Fully automatic with a rate of fire of 700 RPM, TYPE 88; although heavy, is perfect for laying down suppressive fire. Has a massive reload time and high recoil. Effective at medium range.

U-100 MK5
A [relatively] light weight LMG allowing for greater mobility. Has a small, 46-round clip enabling quick reloads. The U-100 MK5 has a slow rate of fire, but the three firing modes; burst, semi, and full auto, allow for greater versatility.

Better suited for taking out targets rather than providing suppressive fire. Effective at medium range. Can be used effectively over long distances with a scope.

Attachments – Holo [1x], HD-33 [1x], Magnifier [2x], Green Laser Sight, Muzzle Brake, Flash Hider, Bipod, Holding Grip

Personal Defense Weapons (PDWs)
Available to the following kits: Engineer.

The Russian PDW, PP-2000, is a strong, close range weapon with a moderate rate of fire and a large clip size. It also has full-auto and semi-automatic fire modes to allow for some multi-situational gameplay. Effective at close range, and somewhat decent at mid-range in semi-automatic.

The AR-sized MX4 is a formidable weapon at short distances. With a high rate of fire, semi-automatic and full-auto firing modes and a 30-round clip size, it can be particularly devastating at shotgun-range. Its size however, penalizes mobility, to some extent. Effective at close range.

Attachments – Kobra [RDS], Coyote [RDS], Laser Sight, Green Laser Sight, Compensator, Flash Hider, UGL Rail, ERGO Grip, Vertical Grip.

Available to the following kits: Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon.

870 MCS
The pump-action, 12-gauge, 870 MCS is a lethal weapon at close range. With a capacity of 8-rounds, the 870 MCS can go on for a while before you’re forced to reload. The pump-action nature of 870 MCS makes it a high-risk, high reward weapon – a single shot can kill your opponent and at the same time, missing it can leave you rather vulnerable yourself. Effective at close range.

Chinese semi-automatic shotgun. Less capacity for holding rounds than the 870 MCS makes it run out of ammo two shots earlier, but being semi-automatic doesn’t make it as punishing if you miss your chance. Reload times are also lower. Effective at close range.

Bolt-Action Rifles
Available to the following kits: Recon.

The bolt-action M40A5 boasts a decent clip size, allowing for a greater number of shots before the need for a reload. Equipped with the stock scope, the M40A5 is more of a mid-range performance rifle, but once you’ve unlocked some of the more advanced scopes – you’ll have no trouble killing far-off enemies with it. Effective at medium to long range.

The Chinese sniper rifle uses a high-capacity magazine and comes equipped with high-zoom optics right from the start. With roughly the same stopping power as the M40A5, the CS-LR4 is a great long distance sniper rifle for those who prefer sitting in one hard-to-reach spot and cracking head-shots from there rather than those who prefer moving around the map after every shot.

Attachments – CL6X [6x], Rifle Scope [8x], Variable Zoom [14x], Green Laser Sight, LS06 Suppressor, Suppressor, Bipod.

Note: Only a single grenade type is available in the beta, the ‘M67 Frag’.

Battlefield 4 Beta Gadgets

Much like Battlefield 3; apart from a few exceptions, every kit has its own set of exclusive gadgets that cannot be used by any other kit. The following gadgets are available for their respective kits in the beta:

Assault Gadgets

M320 HE
Underbarrel 40mm grenade launcher that requires a rail attachment on the Assault unit’s primary weapon to connect. Comes loaded with one grenade, and with three spare ones in your ammunition.

A compact shotgun capable of being equipped under the barrel of certain assault rifles. Requires a rail attachment in order to connect.

First Aid Pack
A consumable medic pack that can recover a soldier to full health, even while they’re on the move. Any damage taken by the soldier being treated will disrupt the healing.

A defib-unit can be used to revive downed teammates (as long as they still have the medic icon over their heads), and can also be used to electrocute enemies. Requires a cooldown time for recharging if used multiple times in quick succession.

Engineer Gadgets

A free-fire, anti-vehicle, rocket-propelled grenade. Can be locked on to laser designated targets. Comes with five rockets.

Homing, anti-air missile launcher with a lock-on targeting system. Can hold one missile at a time.

Repair Tool
Hand-held welding machine that can be used to repair vehicles back to full health. Deals damage instead of repairing when used on an enemy vehicle.

Support Gadgets

XM25 Airburst
A grenade launcher that can explode launched grenades mid-air, allowing you to eliminate enemies behind cover. Aiming down the sights at a wall or a cover will lock in the distance and grenades will explode three meters beyond the locked position when fired.

Ammo Pack
A consumable, single-use ammo pack that partially resupplies a single soldier.

Ammo Box
A crate of ammunition that resupplies all soldiers standing nearby gradually. The rate at which ammunition is received varies; depending on the type, with weapon ammo being resupplied the fastest.

C4 Explosive
Remote detonated explosives that can stick or most surfaces. Can be used to destroy vehicles and kill other players by laying traps, or by sticking the C4 to a moving target.

Recon Gadgets

Portable Laser Designator (PLD)
Laser targets enemy vehicles, allowing friendly missile systems capable of locking on to target the designated vehicles.

C4 Explosive
See description in ‘Support Gadgets’.

Motion Sensor
Motion sensors can be placed around the map to detect enemy movement, without alerting the enemy of you being aware of their presence.

Battlefield 4 Beta Game Modes

With 24-players on PS3 and X360 and 64-players on PC, Conquest is just…explosive! All the explosions going around you and the gunfights, it’ll definitely get a little too hectic to make sense of it all early on.

Your objective in Conquest is rather simple. Hold down the six flags on the map. The more flags your team has, the faster the enemy team’s ticket counter bleeds. Killing enemy units also drains their ticket count. So, you just have to die less, and hold more flags for the most time in order to win it.

With land, air and sea vehicles moving around, players will have a lot of mobility (and of course, a lot of firepower).

The best thing to do early on is capture the National Broadcast Tower. This will help your team keep casualties to a minimum while allowing your team to stay in control of the surrounding area as they can snipe around from the top and paratroop down to the bottom quickly to capture a flag.

The one downside to having a lot of people in the skyscraper while playing Conquest is that the enemy team can level the whole building rather quickly, using all the armament they have. So unless you’re dominating the skies and the ground with attack choppers and tanks respectively, holding out in the tower is not a good idea.

If the enemy team does make the building collapse, and the majority of your team finds itself trapped and unable to make it out as its falling, your team will end up taking a massive hit to its tickets.

Battlefield 4 has different player limits on different platforms and in different game modes. Of the two game modes available in beta, Domination is a 10v10 battle on all platforms, so the gameplay should feel identical in it, regardless of which platform you play the game on.

Your objective in Domination is similar to that of Conquest, only that the scale is somewhat smaller because of the smaller player count, and that the game is more tactical and less destructive since there won’t be any vehicles. Regardless, taking down the National TV Broadcast building is still an option.

Tickets in Domination are only lost when a team has an advantage of captured flags over the other. Keep as many of the six flags around the map in your control as you can and you’ll win in no time.

The flag at the top of the National TV skyscraper is still the most important, so try to stay in control of it, as it’s the best respawn point and from there, you can parachute down to any of the other five points in no time.

If your team hasn’t been able to get in control of the tower early on, don’t try to take the obvious approach of going up the elevator over and over. You’ll always get blasted by the enemies’ defenses.

Try to take the more obscure routes – crash in from the windows, climb through the shafts. It pays a lot to explore when you’re playing the infantry-only Domination, and there are more ways than one to scale Shanghai’s tallest building (the elevator is definitely the fastest one though).

If you can trap the enemy team inside the tower, then that too is a viable option. With five other points left for you to capture, you’ll definitely stay in the lead. Keep successfully repelling their aerial onslaught for a few minutes and you’ll win eventually.

Battlefield 4 Beta Map Tips

Siege of Shanghai is one of the ten playable maps that Battlefield 4 will launch with (with more on their way in the form of DLCs after release) and the only one available in the beta.

The map should give you a taste of just about everything that Battlefield 4 has to offer, as its jam-packed with action – featuring a massive, completely destructible skyscraper, infantry combat in wide open spaces and in enclosed corridors, tanks and vehicular rampage, and combat up in the skies as well as the waters below.

The focal point of all the combat and the center point of the map is Shanghai’s National Broadcast Tower. The team which has control of it will have a massive advantage over the other one in terms of control and mobility.

Being able to spawn at the top of the tower allows you to glide and parachute your way to all the important parts of the map in an instant. You can also shoot down hapless assault, support and engineer units down at the streets below with a sniper, as they’ll have almost no chance of taking you down from below.

If you find yourself on the other side of the battle, just take out the entire building. Killing the enemy by breaching the tower is extremely difficult as it can easily be defended from the inside.

Get inside an attack helicopter or a tank and start firing away at the building’s support pillars and it’ll come crashing down in no time. The real difficulty comes when you’re trying to take it out in Domination, as there are no vehicles in it.

Don’t forget to share your own tips with us by commenting below!