Samurai Warriors 4 Confirmed for a 2014 Release

The next installment in the Japanese Hack and Slash Action game is called Samurai Warriors 4 and it will be releasing in spring of 2014. No surprise there.

Omega Force the developer and Tecmo Koei the publisher has been aiming for a release around the tenth anniversary of the series which comes around next year, so the announcement isn’t really breaking any news.

Nevertheless, courtesy of Famitsu we now have the confirmation on this. Another thing that came as a not-so-welcome surprise was that the game will not be releasing on the next generation. Rather, Samurai Warriors 4 will be releasing to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita alone.

“For this game, it’s the tenth anniversary, and our aim is to go back to the core of the series and develop a game that takes the high road with the concept. (Meaning) a story that really follows Japanese history, exciting characters portrayed in a cool way, and of course that Warriors-style exhilarating action.”

Hisashi Koinuma was talking to Famitsu: “I feel like the mission given to us is to safeguard all these aspects of the series, something only a maker like Tecmo Koei could do.”

Other than that, they have announced over 50 playable characters in the game including Mitsunari Ishida, Hanbei Takenaka, Nobuyuki Sanada, Yoshitsugu Otani, Yukimura Sanada, Inahime, Kanbei Kuroda, Goemon Ishikawa and Musashi Miyamoto. Of course these are just the few that we know of as of now.

The storyline will be relayed from the perspective of Yukimura Sanada a Toyotomi Clan samurai and Nobuyuki his brother who has been fighting for Sanada’s rivals.

Two new moves namely Godspeed Action and Secret Musou have also been confirmed through the Japanese magazine’s report though we don’t know what exactly they are; but we shall know soon enough.

Character switching means you will bring in two characters into every stage allowing you to switch between them at freewill, it is the same features like Samurai Warriors: Chronicles had.

I am expecting the Japanese market to be in uproar when the game hits the market next year.

Source: Siliconera