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Half Life 3 Development Team List Surfaces Online

It cannot be a coincidence but if it is, I am sure it’s one of the big ones. Yesterday Valve confirmed submission of a trademark application for Half Life 3, and look what the cat dragged in today: Valve’s project management software opened up to show the development team dedicated to Half Life 3!

For some unexplainable reasons, Valve’s internal User Picker software, which is supposed to be private, went open to public yesterday, long enough for information to be leaked regarding the much awaited and much rumored Half Life 3.

Reddit users, as quick on hands as they are, had enough time to take screenshots and upload them before the software loophole was fixed. The page that also contained lists for personnel who worked on Half Life 2 also showed us development teams for “Half Life 3” and “Half Life 3 Core”

In total there are 46 people who are apparently working on the upcoming second sequel, out of which the core development team consists of 10 people as evidenced by the list titled “Half Life 3 Core.”

The list includes Adam Foster, modder famed for his work on Half Life 2 mod Minerva; David Speyrer who has been a cabal lead for Half Life 2, and experienced developers Jeff Lane and Jim Hughes. Other than the few known names, the rest of them are relatively new.

What’s amazing is that our dear old developer studio in question has always been famously secretive, and yet news simply tends to escape them through some excuse. Previously Left 4 Dead 3 was also outed through a similar event.

Nevertheless, this news is just a further strengthening of the news from yesterday and most certainly welcomed by prying eyes all over the gaming industry.

Source: Eurogamer