Need for Speed Rivals Trailer Focuses on Bonus Objectives

EA has released a new trailer for Need for Speed Rivals which shows off some real-time gameplay footage.

The game is looking beautiful. The trailer gives us a peek at some of the different environments through which players would be racing through, including snow capped mountains. Nothing that hasn’t been done before but Rivals seem to make it look more alive.

The gameplay itself is pretty much the same which we all have experienced before. Players have the option of either taking the role of a racer and try escape the cops or become the law itself and try to take down the street racers.

The new trailer focuses on challenges the game will be throwing to players. Both racers and cops will be given certain objectives during a run. For instance you may be tasked with “taking down six racers” as a cop or “drifting 500 yards” as a racer. Successfully completing these objectives will help players earn more upgrades for their vehicles.

Need for Speed Rivals launches on November 19, 2013 for current-generation platforms and will be a launch title for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.