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League of Legends: Patch 3.12 Released

Riot Games has released a new Patch 3.12 for League of Legends which weighs in around 300 MB.

If you’re wondering as to why your game is crashing after the update then be sure to uninstall any third party applications such as LoLReplay. Riot has explicitly mentioned that the new patch will bring a “higher risk of crashing your game”. Unless those third-party app developers release an update themselves, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Sight and Vision Wards now have updated textures and models and “look much prettier”. Attack particles of ranged minions have been revamped as well, giving them new particle trails.

Skill shots fired from brush or the fog of war will now go unnoticed by enemy champions unless they get hit by the ability. Either that or the enemy champions are in the path of the directed missile and they’ll be able to see it.

The newly announced champion Jinx, the loose cannon, is included in this build but is unavailable to players. Riot has promised to release her at a later date.

Other than those are the regular champion tweaks. Cassiopeia’s ultimate now has a lesser mana cost.

Garen’s second visual update is now available. Lucian has been nerfed a bit following his release. Olaf has gotten a complete overhaul but from the looks of it, it’s more like a testing phase than a final one. at all levels to bring it more in line with other ultimate abilities.

Evident from the recent matches showcased during Season 3 Worlds, the price of Phage and Trinity Force have gone up.

For the rest of the patch notes you can head to League of Legends forum.