Guerilla Games has Started Work on a New IP

Sony owned studio Guerilla Games, the creator of the renowned PlayStation exclusive Killzone series, is looking towards a new IP. The team is set to release the next installment in the first-person series, Killzone: Shadow Fall in November as one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 4.

They hinted that it was time to move on to a new project while speaking to Eurogamer – they are looking towards branching out to new types of games, and the work for it has already started.

“As a studio we do want to branch out, and we have started work on a new IP, something completely different to Killzone. I don’t want to say anything about it right now, but as a studio we do want to keep it fresh.”

This is a commonly observed strategy in most active front-line studios, and Guerilla Games is no different. Most developers tend to start off a new project just prior to the release of a finalized one. This has also been Guerilla’s strategy for the most part of the Killzone series, with Killzone 3 development starting shortly before the release of Killzone 2, and Shadow Fall’s development intiating just before the launch of Killzone 3.

“Usually what happens is at the end of a game people start to roll off,” Boltjes explained.

“The artists and the coders work the longest, and then QA. But the designers, at some point their work is done. They’re not allowed to touch the game because that changes everything for all other departments.

“So about three to four months before you ship, the designers sit down and think, what can we do for the next one.”

Lead designer Eric Boltjes was still expectedly quiet about what exactly the new project is about, but given Guerilla’s reputation, we’re confident that it will pique everyone’s interest once it is revealed.